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Borrower's Net Worth in US Dollars :
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List capital improvements done in last 3 years (if any) :
If loan is for refinance, what was the date the property was purchased :
What was the purchase price :
What was the original loan amount :
Total amount owing on all loans & liens  :
Current principal balance of 1st loan :
Is this loan in default :
What is the amount in arrears :
What happened or caused the loan to go into default :
What date was the NOD filed :
What is the trustee sale date :
Do you know the trustee sale # - what is it :
Has Bankruptcy been filed :
What date was bankruptcy filed :
Type of bankruptcy filed (Chapter ?) :


Purpose of loan :
If for Purchase, do you have an accepted contract :
What is the projected closing date :
If for purchase, what is the Purchase Price :
Amount of Down Payment if loan is for purchase :
Loan Amount Requested (Purchase or Refi) :
Loan to Value Ratio :
Loan term desired (# of months or years) :
If you are doing rehab or adding capital improvements, list what is needed and break down the major costs :
What Is Your Exit Strategy to pay off our loan (sell/refinance/other) :
Have you submitted this loan to other lenders :
Please give us the reason for any loan turndown to date so we can try to assist you with any of the same issues  :
List any details about the property that will give us additional information. Tell us why this is a good deal? Is the property sold below market or does it come with value plays? If yes, list them. :

Please submit the form and allow up to 24 hours for review. We will let you know what documents etc. we will need to support the loan request (such as property last yr financials).

Please email photos of the property to cheryl@recapitallending.com and put the borrowers name in the subject line.

If you have a question about something on the form, please call Cheryl Gollnick (951) 318-6420.

Thank You, We Look Forward To Assisting You

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